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At Bushtec Adventure, we have tents to suit everyone. Maybe you want a simple family tent that can provide plenty of space for the kids, or you might need a compact hi-tech tent packed with technical features for ultimate performance or perhaps you just want to stand out from the crowd in a super stylish tent during those concerts this summer.

Whether you’re new to camping or a seasoned pro, we have tents to cover all budgets and requirements, including pop-up tents, 1-2 person tents, 3-4 man tents, family and group tents. We guarantee to supply you with a durable tent that offers practical features to meet your needs.

  • Adventure Bow Tent 2.1m x 2.1m with 2 Window and canopy

  • Adventure Bow Tent 2.1 x 2.1m with Canopy and Veranda

  • explorer tent

    Explorer Tent 380 X 270 X 234M

  • G.R. Hip Tent Marquee 4 Walls 12 Poles 1 Centre Pole Steel Pegs 5 x 5m

  • G.R. Hip Tent Marquee 6 Walls 18 Poles 2 Centre Pole Steel Pegs 5 x 10m

  • G.R.Chalet Tent 2,2m x 2,8m

  • light weight gemsbok

    Gemsbok Tent Bow Tent 3 x 3m

  • meerkat kanvas bow

    Meerkat Bow Tent

  • nomad bow tent

    Nomad Bow Tent 3 x 3 m

  • Safari Bow Tent 2.4 x 2.4m (2 Windows) with skull cap